Holding the torch for Maryland and representing the DMV, this lyrical wordsmith with an impeccable cadence fused with urban soulful rhythm and melody, Chucc WhYte himself, describes as “Thug N Soul” is a sound created for his cult following he calls “RebelZ with a cause.”

His radical approach to delivery of an ever-so-gritty narrative of an African fleeing his country in search of the “golden fleece” is inspiring & revelatory. His music gives the average listener a different perspective of living in the USA in this current political climate via rhythm and melody which stimulates any eardrum.

Growing up in a musical household, he got exposed to Hip Hop & Soul music at the tender age of 5 and started by performing his favorite songs then writing his own versions which later led to him organically cultivating a style of his own. After juggling living between Europe America and West Africa Chucc decided in his twenties to migrate to the DMV to chase his childhood dream of Pursuing a career as a Hip Hop rapper.

Citing musical influences from legends like Nas, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Lauryn Hill, Nipsey Hussle and 50 Cent, Chucc WhYte paints mural audiovisuals in every story he tells of his past and future which puts him in the same conversation of the very legends he is inspired by.

Songs like “Poetic Injustice”, “Thug N Soul”, “Fruition”, “Better DayZ” were curated by Chucc to capture his essence and the real meaning to be “RebelZ with a cause.”

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